Xiaomi and Qualcomm working on Mi 7 together

Xiaomi phones always get me excited. But this is a premium phone from Xiaomi i.e. Xiaomi Mi 7. This series is a premium phone from Xiaomi. They are not as good as the other big brands in the market, but with every device, they are massively improving themselves.

Mi 7 will be powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chipset. This is the latest chipset from Qualcomm. Just like OnePlus tweaked Snapdragon 810 for OnePlus 2, likewise, Snapdragon 845 will become Qualcomm 845 v2 for Mi 7. This hasn’t been confirmed by Xiaomi officially. I’m quite looking forward to something like this.

Unfortunately, we won;t bee seeing the device anytime before Q1 of 2018. The final batch for testing of Mi 7 will go in February 2018.

In the meantime, the leaks about this phone are quite intriguing. It is expected to come with face scanner technology. Face recognization technology is quite a hot topic of discussion as Apple launched it a few days back at their event in Apple iPhone 8 and iPhone X.

Another interesting feature that Mi 7 will sport is Wireless Charging. Xiaomi hasn’t announced it officially but it has been spotted on WPC member list on the official WPC website. Other big brands which are a part of this is Apple, Samsung, LG, Sony, etc. It will also come in 2 variants – 6GB RAM and 8GB RAM.

On the outside, it is expected to come with Full-Screen Display with an on-screen fingerprint sensor. These are some of the features that makes Mi 7 quite a desirable device even before it’s official launch.

Although the actual launch on Mi 7 is quite far, the rumours have already flooded the market.What are your thoughts on this collaboration? I’m quite pumped up to see the end result.

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These 2 companies are coming together to make Xiaomi Mi 7 a success
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