Almost 46% of Indian internet users surf in local language

According to a report by the Secretary of Department of Telecommunications, over 355 million internet users in India use 109 million smartphones monthly. These smartphones were shipped in last year i.e. 2016.

She says,”Nearly 46% of internet users in India consume content in local languages.”

As for this year, 27 million smartphones were shipped so far. Almost 80% of the Indian internet users used mobile as the net surfing device whereas the global percentage of people doing the same was 50%. The browsers used mostly for this purpose (in order) was UC Browser, Google Chrome and Opera.

Meanwhile, in the apps department, the apps which ruled the section was – WhatsApp, Messenger, Shareit, Truecaller and Facebook.

The Secretary of Department of Telecommunications also reported that by the end of this year, the first phase of BharatNet of providing 1,00,000 graam panchayat with broadband cable would be achieved. It will be done by laying underground optic fiber cable lines. This is being monitored closely by Department of Telecommunications as they want to provide Internet connectivity to 2.5 lakh graam panchayats by March 2019.

This project will be a huge boost to e-commerce, especially to e-governance, education, television, etc. Once the internet reaches different corners of the country, a lot of things can be monitored and kept under control.

According to the Secretary of Department of Telecommunications, the fabrication is required and the government needs to partner with Chamber of Commerce to achieve the aim of increasing footprints of the telecom industry in India by the year 2020.

Being someone who has used the internet ever since the school life, I know how important it is to get internet access to people of my age as well as elderly people. Internet has unmeasurable advantages and should be a basic human right now.

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Almost 46% of Indian internet users surf in local language
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