Apple and LG working together on foldable iPhone display for 2020

Foldable smartphones are the upcoming trend just like dual rear cameras or under-glass fingerprint sensor. Besides bringing back our the phones we used in our childhood, the upcoming foldable smartphones will be a giant leap in the field of tech.

Apple is working on foldable iPhone display with LG Display to be used in 2020 and after. The news has been leaked by The Bell. Their resources have revealed that LG has put together a bunch of people to design and develop an OLED screen model for iPhone. LG Innotek, LG’s parts-making body has also put together a team to develop RDPCB (Rigid Flexible Printed Circuit Board).

Samsung Galaxy X, the foldable smartphone from the house of Samsung is expected to be launched next year. Reports also suggest that this foldable OLED screen production will not start before 2020. 2 years worth a wait? It also means that by the time Apple’s foldable phones hit the market, they will already have a standard to meet.

Unlike Apple, who starts a new project just a year before it’s launch. The foldable smartphone matters have started 2 years ahead. The current supplier of Apple’s iPhone X screen is Samsung. But this new partnership reveals that Apple wants to keep their friendship intact with their long-term LCD partner (LG).

LG has set up plants for their OLED productions. There were some previous rumors of Apple financing these plants to speed up the production of these screens. Though iPhone X came with Samsung’s displays, it’s quite evident why Apple would want to finance LG’s project.

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News Source: The Investor
Featured Image Source: Tech Shunt

Apple and LG working together on foldable iPhone display for 2020
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