Get Ready to buy Petrol and Diesel online SOON

If everything can go online, why not petrol and diesel?

This is a great step taken by the Government of India to make petrol and diesel readily available to people. Also, this contributes to the Digital India mission.

Rather than setting up a new site for this, the Government of India has decided that petrol and diesel will be available on existing e-commerce sites. However, this does require a considerable amount of safety while in transit.

Dharmendra Pradhan, the Oil Minister said about connecting oil with IT companies at India Mobile Congress. This idea was first presented to MPs of Srinagar on 21st April at the committee meeting. It quiet surprising how it could remain hidden for so long.

Deepak Mahurkar, Leader of Oil and Gas at Pricewaterhouse Cooper informed IANS that it was actually feasible to sell petrol and diesel to individuals via e-commerce platforms. But, security remains one of the major concerns. The container has to not only be sealed properly but also handled with sufficient care during transit.

Although, it’s not much of a bonus in cities. It is quite a considerable advantage in the interior of the country where there is a scarcity of petrol and diesel cause of the absence of sufficient pumps or distance of the pumps from each other.

The former ONGC Chairman and Managing Director R.S. Sharma also agreed to the fact that security stands have to be met. He also believes that once the safety and security are ensured, it will be very easy to scale this project commercially.

However, it might be expensive for a buyer to buy petrol and diesel online as there will be an additional charge to handle and transport besides the charge you pay to buy it at a pump.

What do you think? Is this a good idea? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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News Source: Gizbot
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Get Ready to buy Petrol and Diesel online SOON
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