LG V20 receiving 940MB Software Update for Performance Improvement

LG V20 was among the first smartphones to boot Nougat but there is no roadmap for the Android Oreo upgrade. For now, it is expected that the phablet sized handset might receive Android Oreo update in late 2017 or early 2018.

Out of nowhere, a mysterious software update was issued to LG V20. The update file weighs 940MB, named V10j-Sep-23-2017.

LG V20 Software Update

There are not enough details mentioned about this update, confirming just the performance improvement. One of my friend did the update today and as per his experience, there are no noticeable changes in the user experience (for now).

Unfortunately, this wasn’t the Android Oreo update for LG V20!

The device received similar sized update a couple of months back.

As per my friend’s experience, the device isn’t running well as it used to be in early days which is the case with most of the Android devices after a year of use. So, LG might have acknowledged the performance issues and fixed with this new software update.

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A couple of users have acknowledged this October month update in LG V20, discussing about it on Reddit. If you’ve been using the device, this is where you can discuss about it.

I’ll soon update this post, including anything new in the device. Specially, the performance part.

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LG V20 receives 940MB Software Update for Performance Improvement
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