Samsung Galaxy X, The Foldable Smartphone might be tough to get

It is rumoured that Samsung Galaxy X would be a limited phone. It would be a very experimental device which will be launched in specific numbers for specific markets. If it’s a success, Samsung will take it forward.

It is quite a nostalgic thing for me because that was the first mobile which I had seen. While I gather more news for you, why don’t you read the previous posts on our blog below?

Samsung Galaxy X (foldable smartphone) clears Bluetooth Certification

Foldable smartphones are officially back from the dead. Samsung Galaxy X which is a foldable smartphone cleared Bluetooth Certification. Foldable smartphones were the only smartphones that were there a decade back.

Foldable smartphones were the only smartphones that were there a decade back. When Android came over, it became non-existent. Existant brought with it touch screen phones. But now that foldable smartphones are back, I can’t hold my excitement.

We have known for some time that the upcoming foldable smartphones from Samsung would be named Samsung Galaxy X series. The name Galaxy X was trademarked by Samsung at KIPRIS (Korea Intellectual Property Rights Information). The project must have been postponed for multiple reasons cause we are hearing about it for quite some time.

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A Samsung smartphone with the model no. SM-G888NO has cleared Bluetooth SIG certification. It will come with Bluetooth v4.2. Previously, the foldable smartphone which was known to us had the model no. SM-9000. It’s clear that this new device isn’t the old one that was known to us.

Going by the Bluetooth version I’m judging that this phone will be a budget version and not a premium phone.

As per the previous rumors, the device was supposed to be a premium device with Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow out of the box. Since Bluetooth 5 has already hit the market last year, Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus are the first devices to come with this version of Bluetooth. If Galaxy X is a premium device, I’m guessing the Bluetooth version will be upgraded from Bluetooth 4 to Bluetooth 5.

The foldable smartphone from Samsung will come in 2 variant – Samsung Galaxy X and Galaxy X1. These phones will come in 2018 as per the previous and a recent report which suggests it will come in 2018 with 10,000 units only.

Samsung came up with a foldable smartphone ad with OLED display a few years back. Have a look!

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Samsung Galaxy X, The Foldable Smartphone might be tough to get
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