MIUI 9 Global hit these device. Did you get it

I wrote a post earlier where I jotted down a list of 32 devices which were expected to receive MIUI 9 Global update. It was announced on 2nd November.

Mi 6, Mi Mix 2, Mi Max 2 users reported of receiving MIUI 9 Global update even before the official announcement. On 2nd November, Redmi Note 4 devices received the update. Xiaomi has started rolling out MIUI 9 Global software update to other devices.

Here’s a complete list of the Xiaomi devices receiving MIUI 9 update:

  1. Mi Mix 2
  2. Mi Mix
  3. Mi Note 3
  4. Mi Note 2
  5. Mi Note
  6. Mi 6
  7. Mi 5
  8. Mi 5s Plus
  9. Mi 4i
  10. Mi 4
  11. Mi 3
  12. Mi 2
  13. Mi Max 2
  14. Mi Max
  15. Redmi Note 4
  16. Redmi Note 4X
  17. Redmi Note 5A
  18. Redmi 3
  19. Redmi Note 4G Prime
  20. Redmi Note 2
  21. Redmi 4
  22. Redmi 4X
  23. Redmi 3
  24. Redmi 3S
  25. Redmi 3S Prime
  26. Redmi 2
  27. Redmi 2 Prime
  28. Redmi Y1
  29. Redmi Y1s

If you aren’t aware of MIUI, it is the user interface which you use which accessing a Xiaomi phone. Most of the smartphone companies have different UI from stock Android. These skins were initially not as efficient as ones of stock Android, but now they are becoming very efficient.

For instance, MIUI 9 can automatically clear cache, have new emoticons, have better notifications and reply to messages quickly. As of today, MIUI is available in 56 different languages across 220 countries with 280 million active users (and counting).

As far as the rumors go, the devices launched after 2012 will get the update from December. There is no news about the devices before that. However, if you have a Xiaomi phone from that time, you should preserve it somewhere and get a new phone.

If you own a Xiaomi device, did you get the update? Do share your favorite feature of MIUI 9 Global with us in the comments below.

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News Source: XDA Developers
Featured Image: Digit

MIUI 9 Global hit these device. Did you get it?
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