OnePlus 5T will be launched on 16th November at New York

OnePlus 5T is officially getting launched on 16th November. This news has come from the official Twitter handle of OnePlus. OnePlus 5T will be unveiled on 16th November in New York. Also, the device will be available for sale on 21st November 9AM EST.

Here’s the tweet!



Earlier: OnePlus is not doing away with the headphone jack in OnePlus 5T

OnePlus tweeted a picture of all the OnePlus devices bundled together and asked the tweeters what their phones have in common (with a music sign at the end). The only visible thing is the headphone jack. That clearly hints of it being included in the device.

Moreover, the device will be launched few days from now. So, there might be very less or no chances of this news being false. Also, we can’t ignore the fact that the info was shared from OnePlus’ official account. This means that OnePlus 5T will have a headphone jack.

Apart from that, we know a bunch of things about OnePlus 5T. You may or may not have seen pictures clicked by OnePlus coming up across different social media platforms. It’s a clear indication that even this OnePlus device will have a very powerful camera just like the previous devices. This device will come with 20MP +20MP duo camera.

Another talked about feature of the camera is Portrait Mode. The CEO tweeted a photo in this mode.


OnePlus 5T
Image Credit: Twitter

OnePlus shared this image just a day or two ago. They wanted to convey the message of their upcoming flagship by using 5 cups (with OnePlus logo) of Tea i.e. OnePlus 5T. As excited as I am for the phone, I’m getting equally happy seeing their promotion strategies!

These news leaks are getting me really hyped up for OnePlus 5T. Are you excited too?

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News Source: Gizbot
Featured Image: CNET

OnePlus 5T will be launched on 16th November at New York
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