LG G7 Iris Scanner

LG G7 may come with a unique iris scanner. A patent (which was filed by LG) has come up. Iris scanner will scan your face (like any other iris scanner) and grant you permission. What’s unique about this scanner is, it comes embedded into the front camera of the device.

The camera of LG G7 is such, it would switch from camera to scanner when the need arises. Isn’t it cool?

LG G7 Iris Scanner 1 LG G7 Iris Scanner 2 LG G7 Iris Scanner 3 LG G7 Iris Scanner 4

Earlier: We might see LG G7 earlier than Galaxy S9 at CES 2018

If you have been a loyal reader of iGadgetWoman, you are aware of the rumour circling that Samsung is planning for an early release than expected for the next flagship. As always, LG has accepted the challenge and they might release their flagship before Samsung does.

Yes, we are talking about Samsung Galaxy S9 and LG G7. Both of these devices are due next year and they will be flagship models for the coming year for these two South-Korean giants.

Samsung Galaxy S9 vs LG G7

Unliked Samsung, LG has lesser fan base and even after being more innovative than Samsung, they are lagging behind in terms of popularity and customer base. But, things are shifting and we will see shift in marketing strategies.

To begin with, LG will offer whatever 2018-standard-flagship-technology earlier than Samsung. This will definitely give them an advantage which I hope convert into actual sales.

Samsung on the other side have not much to worry about as they are pretty settled, thanks to the advancements made in last three flagship generations. With every new model, they are getting even better.

One thing where both makers lags behind is the UI. In my opinion, LG should drop whatever plans they are having for the next UI in favor for clean and stock Android. It will not only make the LG G7 perform better but will be a selling feature.

Newly introduced in Indian market, LG V30 is already appreciated around the globe for its build quality, bold design decisions and audio-centric features. But, it lags behind in display and camera department, which I hope they will be interested in fixing.

For now, this is all I have to share with you, nothing of which have a solid base. It’s all part of the rumour mills but you love rumours. Don’t you?

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LG G7 may come with a unique Iris Scanner
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