OnePlus 6 3D FaceID feature

OnePlus 5 was a look alike of iPhone 7 Plus and that’s not where it’s going to end. The young Chinese maker is rumoured to copy the all new FaceID tech from iPhone X.

The next flagship, OnePlus 6 will feature this 3D FaceID security thing. FYI, the current flagship, 5T is having a less-secure face unlock feature (named Face Unlock), which works at a really good pace.

OnePlus 6 3D FaceID feature

It’s too early to know any of the specifications which will actually be part of the handset. But, it will definitely have fully stretched screen at front, aiming for higher screen-to-body aspect ratio.

18:9 aspect ratio will definitely be onboard for better cause. Top of the line Snapdragon SoC will be running the show with nearly stock Android Oreo OS. The Dual lens setup on rear side will get better than current standard and I won’t be surprised to see if they bring in more focus on the selfie shooter.

As Oppo and Vivo are part of the same family, I won’t be surprised to see same set of 3D face unlock feature coming to Oppo and Vivo flagship handsets too.

I already updated you of under-the-screen fingerprint scanner tech which was leaked being part a Vivo handset. So, that feature can also be part of OnePlus 6, helping the device to have even better screen-to-body ratio.

Whatever comes in, it will be better for consumers and another chance for Apple to prepare for a lawsuit.

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Next Flagship from OnePlus might copy 3D FaceID of iPhone X
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