Nokia 3310 TA-1077

Nokia is not stopping with just one device released in the featured phone category as another one is lined up. Nokia 3310 (4G) is all set to launch in January 2018, which is currently numbered as TA-1077.

Nokia 3310 (4G) TA-1077

Thanks to TENNA certification, we have bunch of pictures in which the handset is clearly visible from different corners. It will be capable of operating at 4G network which is a really cool feature for a Featured Phone of its price.

2017 has already seen few featured phone capable of operating at 4G frequency and the number will increase in 2018, for sure.

Nokia 3310 4G TA-1077

The design of handset looks familiar, as there aren’t any major changes. It keeps the iconic look, again hitting the nostalgia scores. The only difference between the currently available Nokia 3310 and 2018 one is of the operating system.

Nokia 3310 4G images leaked

YunOS is reported to power the Nokia 3310 TA-1077 handset. This OS is developed by Alibaba group, mainly for IoT devices including smartphones, phones, TVs, car, smart Home, etc.

More than 157 million activated devices are running YunOS as of May 2017, as claimed by Alibaba.

For technical nerds, YunOS is developed using the Android Open Source Project (AOSP).

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Nokia 3310 (4G) images leaked via TENNA, will boot YunOS
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