Pre-order apps from App Store for iPhone and Mac OS
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Being a newbie iPhone and Mac owner, any related news makes me super excited. And you should too! Apple now lets you pre-order apps from Apple Store for iPhones and Mac OS. Isn’t that cool?!?

Apple allowed users to be notified after an app was launched almost a year back. It took them a year to upgrade to the option of pre-ordering apps before the actual launch.

You can only be notified when an app was launched at Play Store. But at the Apple App Store, you can not only be notified of the launch of an app, but you can also download it instantly.

This news is a wonderful news for us, but specifically for the developers. They can put up their apps at App Store 90days in advance. Previously, only the app was complete could it be uploaded to the store. This feature is available for iOS, MacOS and tvOS users.

This feature allows the flexibility of allowing the pre-order to be free or chargeable. For chargeable downloads, you won’t be charged until and unless the app downloads in your phone. Additionally, if there is any change in the pricing, you will be charged whichever price is lower.

This feature is very much better than Google Play Store’s pre-register feature as it allows one to know about the app before release and not pre-order it.

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News Source: The Verge

Pre-order apps from App Store for iPhone and Mac OS
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