Sony Bezelless Smartphone

Omnibalance was the term Sony sticked so far and the Japanese brand have stretched it for longer than it should have. The design language which made Sony smartphones popular, is now no longer consumer favorite.

Result, a new design language is in. Mirai is what Sony is calling it and we have first pictures to see how it will look in real. To start with, it’s aiming for bezel-less design. Yay?

Sony Bezelless Smartphone

Sony Xperia A Edge Specs

If this headline didn’t bring you any search on internet, then wait for couple of months as it will be a thing of past. Sony Xperia A Edge has surfaced and is part of the rumour mill right now.

There is no official documents confirming this name but that’s what IT Home is calling it. And, they seems pretty confident.

Sony Xperia A Edge Specs

The handset in question here, matches the earlier leaked specifications of a premium offering, being manufactured as you’re reading it. The┬áSony Xperia A Edge is going to feature a 6-inch bezelless screen with traditional 16:9 aspect ratio. Yes, there is no hint for tall screen which is becoming a standard these days.

Sony 2018 flagship

There is no space for fingerprint sensor at front side, which Sony seems to have no problem dealing with. Thanks to its decision of keeping fingerprint sensor with the power button on the sidebar.

The top bezels are extremely thin but are looking wide enough to possess required sensors and a selfie shooter. The rear side holds dual camera setup on top left corner, arranged in horizontal fashion. A tiny LED flash is also visible.

As per the on-going leaks, and assuming it’s a Sony 2018 flagship we’re talking about, the handset will be powered by Snapdragon 845 SoC. It might feature 4k resolution screen but I wouldn’t be surprised if Sony sticks with 2k in favor of better performance, battery life and practical approach.

What do you think? I think the new Mirai design language is Sexy!


Here’s a First Look of Sony’s New Premium Design language named “Mirai”
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