Here is what we know about upcoming Sony Xperia XZ Pro which will be the 2018’s flagship from the company. The handset will have three exciting features, that you’ll come to know in a moment.

Sony Xperia XZ Pro Specs

As mentioned in the title itself, and as it was expected, Sony will be releasing this new flagship for 2018 with a 4k screen. It will be using OLED panel underneath, making it vibrant and cool than traditional LCD screens.

The handset will be following the Mirai design language which in laymen terms means that it will have minimum bezels. It was much expected design change in Sony lineup and it will be happening in 2018 for all good. This new design with minimum bezels will be the second cool feature out of three.

The third selling feature will be dual camera setup on the rear side. Sony has been putting the best camera in a smartphone since ages and with the dual camera setup, it will be unbeatable. They have failed in the software department which I’m hoping isn’t the case with their 2018 lineup. Specially with this flagship model, at least.

As per the rumours, the rear side will feature an 18MP shooter along with an 12MP shooter. The front side will be featuring a 13MP shooter. Underneath, Snapdragon 845 SoC will be handling the CPU department with its 6GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage.

For now, none of these Sony Xperia XZ Pro specifications are official but these are very close to the one in real. Any ways, we are not far from the official announcement of this handset. Stay tuned.


4k OLED screen & Dual Camera to be part of 2018’s Sony Xperia XZ Pro
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