Android usage will increase in next three to five years
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Do you think there are too many of Android users? Apparently not! Ashwin Ramachandra, VP and Head, Product Engineering Services at Sasken Technologies Limited told Gizbot about the latest technologies that enhance Android.

He said that we will see an increase in Android’s penetration in other verticals – most importantly in the automotive space.

In the automobile section, less than 5-10 percentage of cars have Android in their system, this number is expected to shoot up to 40 – 50 percent by 2020. He also said,”If you look at what happened in the device space almost a decade ago, we had multiple operating systems such as Symbian, Linux-based, as well as individual homegrown operating systems. Android came and changed all of that into something like a duopoly as far as smartphones are concerned with about 85 percent market share.” He also believes that Android’s market share will continue to be the highest since people will start using Android equally more!

Android is an open source operating system. Hence we can see the burst in the Android developer community. No wonder Android has grown (continue to grow) so massively ever since it was born.

Sasken has benefitted from Android. The company has connections with semiconductor companies. Silicon chips will have Android as the default operating system. Android, is present in most of the smartphones out there in the market. Android has also started migrating to TVs. That’s why Android will now be seen in cars too!

He said, “In the automotive space, we are going to see a lot of Android-based infotainment systems and Android in the cockpit of the car will come into play. Coming to our partnerships, we have very deep relationships and extensive experience of working in the Android ecosystem with semiconductor vendors, tier-1s, and OEMs. Today, we are witnessing that R&D spends have shifted to Android-based infotainment and Android-based telematics systems, which have become critical, and it will continue to grow.”

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News Source: Gizbot

Android usage will increase in next three to five years
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