Vivo announces in-display fingerprint sensor phone

As expected, Vivo today announced the first ever smartphone with in-display fingerprint sensor at CES 2018. The technology in this new handset was showcased in Las Vegas, getting a lead in this particular case.

Vivo announces in-display fingerprint sensor phone

The handset in question is going to be a flagship model for 2018 from Vivo. The in-display fingerprint sensor is said to be equally secure as of traditional fingerprint sensors, and it is manufactured by Synaptics.

Looking at the exact design, a dedicated fingerprint sensor is sitting between the OLED panel atop and the mainboard underneath.

Once a person tries to unlock the smartphone, a fingerprint icon will be displayed at the bottom-centre position. The moment person puts the assigned finger, the sensors underneath will illuminate the finger.

At last, the fingerprint will be registered using the beams of light and the device will be unlocked if it matches with the one stored in the database.

In my opinion, an in-display fingerprint sensors makes sense and the manufacturers should adopt to this useful technology instead of undoing the fingerprint completely. Apple’s iPhone X was the first one to do so and so far, all of its users have acknowledged that Apple should have kept both the security options.

Senior VP at Vivo, Alex Feng confirmed that the handset will be available in “early 2018” as the handset is all set for mass production.

What do you think?

First in-display fingerprint sensor is live with Vivo Smartphone
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