Google claims to have sole one Google Home every second since October 2017
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Google claims that it has sold a Google Home every second since October. This has helped the sales to hit a whopping 6 million so far.

Rishi Chandra, VP, Product Management, Google Home said in a blog post, “We sold more than one Google Home every second since Google Home Mini started shopping in October.”

It is also to be noted that Google Home includes 3 products – Google Home, Home Max and Home Mini. It is still unknown as the exact number of sales per product.

Scott Huffman, Vice President, Engineering, Google Assistant said, “Google Home usage increased 9X this holiday season over last year’s, as you controlled more smart devices, asked more questions, listened to more music, and tried out all the new things you can do with your Assistant on Google Home.”

Alex Duong, Product Manager, Google Home, said in a blog post, “When you need to round up the family in the morning, just say ‘Ok Google, broadcast it’s time for school!’ and your message will be broadcasted to all Google Assistant- enabled speakers in your home.” (Unfortunately, this feature is only available in US, Australia, Canada and UK. If you want to avail this feature, simply sign in with same Google Accounts on all the devices.)

About Google Home: Google Home is a powerful speaker and Voice Assistant. Play your music. Call your friends. Ask questions. Control your home. It’s your own Google, always ready to help [from official site]

The recent update in Google Home allows users to be used as intercoms in the house as well as broadcast messages from one speaker to the other. Although it seems absurd to me to buy two Google Home speakers in the same home.

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Google claims to have sold one Google Home every second since October 2017
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