OnePlus 6 Concept Video

It’s 2018 finally and I thought of sharing a video on the day one which we all are eagerly waiting to watch. Yes, the OnePlus 6 video or the handset in live action.

This is not an actual video, as it’s just a concept one but it’s still good to give us a glimpse of what to expect. As I’ve been keeping a close watch on all the OnePlus 6 rumours, the video matches the leaked specs and features.

OnePlus 6 Concept Video

Let me just take away texts for a while and let you watch the video.

As you noticed in the video, there is no home button or rear mounted button to implement fingerprint sensor. This is going to be true as this handset will be featuring in-display fingerprint sensor, which was earlier leaked in a video of Vivo handset.

The rear camera setup will be in vertical fashion, possibly with big and improved sensors. The front facing camera will be assisted with some hardware to safeguard face unlock feature and make it more secure than the one available in OnePlus 5 and 5T.

To me, this design looks inspired by HTC and Apple lineups. What do you think?


[Video] See OnePlus 6 in Live Action in this Concept Video
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