While we all expected Apple to come out first with an under-the-display fingerprint sensor, it’s Vivo which will take the lead and set a benchmark in 2018. And, Vivo X20 Plus UD is what they are going to name it.

Vivo X20 Plus with Under Display Fingerprint Scanner

It’s not the first time we are hearing about an Under Display fingerprint scanner from Vivo as they have already showcased it once during MWC Shanghai, back in June 2017.

The handset in question is spotted on Chinese certification site, 3C, confirming the model number with some sort of specifications. Most importantly, it hints towards the presence of special feature we all are eager to see in action.

BK1124 is the model number of the handset, and is powered by Fast Charging and 4G LTE. Synaptic is the manufacturer for the special technology we are looking for and the sensor is named Synaptic Clear ID FS9500.

Earlier, Synaptic confirmed that Vivo will be the first OEM to get hands on their new high-tech sensors, which again confirms the news. We already covered a short video showcasing the technology in action.

If we talk about the specs, the handset is expected to come with Snapdragon 660 SoC, coupled with 4/6GB of RAM, an Android 7.1.1 Nougat OS. The rear side is expected to feature 24MP and 5MP dual camera setup while the front side will feature a 24MP selfie shooter.

So finally in 2018, Vivo X20 Plus UD will be the device featuring this high-tech fingerprint sensor that will be available for consumers. We will see how fast it works in real life. What do you think?


Vivo X20 Plus UD will launch soon in China ft. Under Display Fingerprint Sensor
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