Android P: Expected Features for upcoming Android version
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Android 8 Oreo was released a few months back officially. As per the stats released in January, only 0.7percent of devices. There’s still a lot of time left for the new Android version to be launched. But, the Android market is already heating up with the expected features of Android P. Here are they:

Android P: Expected Features for upcoming Android version

Notch Support

The notch is quite a known topic of discussion; especially after iPhone X. In iPhone X, the notch area does not work. This gives Android another area to outshine iPhones. In the upcoming Android P update, get ready to see the notch get support. This will give way to better usage of screen layout as well as viewing pleasures.

Dark Mode

You may or may not have seen dark mode on your device. The Android devices supporting this mode get it from the handset manufacturers. However, in upcoming Android P get ready to enjoy this feature from the OS perspective as well.

Privacy Control

Privacy is what matters to every Android users, irrespective of the handset they use. With Android 6.0 Marshmallow, apps had to ask permission from the user whether they could use particular features of the phone instead of assuming that they could readily use any feature of the phone.

The upcoming Android P will allow users to give the respective app control over the microphone, the camera as well as internet. Ain’t that amazing!

OS Fragmentation

The one biggest drawback of Android is slower updates. The majority of Android users in the market are running on outdated Android versions. With the upcoming Android P and Project Treble, Google intends to come at par with Apple in this regard as well.


Customisation is synchronous with Android. Isn’t it? With the upcoming Android P, the famous Google Pixel launcher will be easily available to a larger group of devices!

Do you know any feature that might be added to the upcoming Android P. Do share them in the comments below!

Android P: Expected Features for upcoming Android version
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