Detel will launch budget friendly phones this year

Being online is easier than ever! Not only are the data packs cheaper, now smartphones are also getting cheaper and cheaper day by day. Detel, already known for feature phones and Smart LED TV will step up their game by launching budget-friendly smartphones by the end of 2018.

Yogesh Bhatia, Managing Director of S.G. Corporate Mobility said,”Yes, before the end of this calendar year we will be launching a smartphone and we want to launch on an economical price with the maximum specifications. We are planning to have our own manufacturing plant in India and for that, we are talking to Andhra Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh Government.”

Detel is tying up with telecom companies for the same. Yogesh Bhatia also said,”We are talking to operators for others devices. Adding that for D1+ we will be tying with BSNL. We will be launching seven new smartphones priced in the range Rs. 299 to Rs. 999.”

Detel D1+ is expected to come with dual SIM slots, flashlight, GPRS net browser,3D speaker, fast charging and microSD card support. Detel D1+ will also be available in seven different colors.

Since the phones will be launched at such a cheap price, the company is sure to get a lot of buyers when it hits the market. In fact, they can convert a good number of feature phone users to smartphone users. I’m quite doubtful about the hardware used in this device.

Anyways, not much can be said as of now. I can already a bunch of people among my friends and family who will buy this device. What about you? Are you getting it?? Share your views in the comments below.

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Another company to launch budget-friendly smartphones by the end of this year. Thoughts?
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