Huawei patents smartwatch gestures

A couple of weeks ago Huawei had patented for touch-sensitive bezels. This patent was approved to them by World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). According to this patent, there will be eight areas which when touches/pressed will carry out a different set of tasks.

It seems like they are not done yet.

According to the new patent filed by Huawei, this new patent will allow users to get an expanded area to properly use the screen. Via ultrasonic or infrared sensor, you can now practically draw in air (or the back of your hand) to get your work done.

The sensors will be equipped to detect when you start as well as stop writing. The technology behind this is, simply keep the finger at the same height as the arm.

Other gestures that Huawei wants to implement is double-clicking, long press and multiple-finger touch.

This patent clubbed with the earlier patent is quite intriguing and will take smartwatches to another level. I’m quite excited about it. What about you?

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Guess what Huawei patents for now? Hint: It’s for smartwatches
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