iPhone X carbon copies from Samsung will soon hit the market
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iPhone carbon copies are not an unusual thing. But, when the same is developed by Google, it sure is! Google is developing an Android OS (different from original Android and Android Go).

The new OS will work with a lot of smartphones. It will have a notch design like that of iPhone X. According to Bloomberg’s report, Samsung believes if they can develop a software that works better at the top notches of the iPhone, it will be a secret formula to convert iPhone user to Android user.

Google is expecting that more companies will come up with smartphone design with a notch to just tease apple. Developing a software which not only makes the notch area usable but also uses it will be widely accepted.

Another area where Google is working is improving the battery life. Besides making the notch usable, this software is also expected to improve the battery life of the phone. We only saw the chipset makers optimizing their new chipsets to cope with the ever-increasing demands of more battery life. It will be interesting to see how well the new software adapts to our battery needs.

Samsung will soon be coming out with foldable phones as well as phones with foldable displays. The OS is expected to work even with these screens/phones.

Apple’s iPhone X is the latest most talked about gadget because of a lot of factors. They have achieved a full-fledged proper display by getting rid of the fingerprint sensor. However, they still couldn’t get rid of the top strip which has the earpiece and the front camera.

Although, not everyone is affected with this strip. But it sure is a hindrance for those who bought (may buy) the phone for the display. As far as the developers are concerned, some take the liberty to use the screen to its full glory while some use the notch as a black point where the software stops responding.

This news hasn’t yet been confirmed by Google. Take it with a pinch of salt.

Another topic for Apple fans and Samsung fans to start a war. The war shall begin.

iPhone X carbon copies from Samsung will soon hit the market
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