Smartphones with diamond screens might launch next year
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Gone are the days when diamonds were used exclusively for jewellery. But now, you may get smartphones with diamond screens next year.

As the phone screens got bigger, it became an added concern for smartphone manufacturers. Special coating such as Corning Gorilla Glass is now used to prevent the phones from getting minor scratches as well as unwanted accidents.

A lot of companies came up with screen-guards (and tempered glass eventually) to help save the users a couple of thousands of bucks for the same.

This concept has been brought to light by a company named Akhan Semiconductors who will mass produce diamond screens for smartphones in 2019. They work with gemstones that are manufactured artificially in the labs as replacement semiconductors.

The technology they use to make such screen panels is known as Mirage Diamond Glass technology which will not only benefit the smartphones but any device that comes with a screen (ex: tablets, laptops, smartwatches, etc.).

CEO of Akhan Semiconductors, Adam Khan said that the synthetic material produced in their labs is the hardest known material known to us that is available commercially as of now.

Mr. Khan has also said the material has been tested again a bunch of companies who are looking for an alternative that they are using as of now.

In terms of response, it is said that the material is as responsive as any other material that is used by manufacturers as of now. The company is now trying to put a coating of this material on the Corning Gorilla Glass that is widely used on smartphones and tablets as of now.

As it’s evident, once this hits the market in 2019, it will first come in premium phones. As the price of the panel drop, the screen would start appearing in budget phones too. There would be an inevitable price bump for the display.

Are you willing to shell out a couple of thousands now to save your phone in future?


Smartphones with diamond screens might launch next year
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