Xiaomi Mi Max 3 expected features

Earlier leaks hinted the dual rear camera setup in Mi Max 3 which is yet to get unveiling but now, we are getting to know that it will be feature wireless charging and iris scanner features too.

Xiaomi Mi Max 3 expected features

The handset is rumoured to feature 7-inch tall display with 18:9 aspect ratio, making it a perfect gadget for media consumption. To assist that, a massive 5,500mAh battery will be sealed inside.

Either Snapdragon 660 or 630 will be the power house underneath that massive display. We are yet to receive a firm leak which confirms the exact SoC model number.

To assist the Iris scanner feature, Xiaomi will be adding a Samsung made sensor on the front. There are rumours suggesting Samsung made dual camera sensors to be used on the rear side too but Xiaomi might consider Sony ones too.

Wireless charging is becoming a must-have feature in 2018 and so, Xiaomi Mi Max 3 will be keeping it onboard as well. Whatever feature the handset comes with, I don’t think we have to wait for too long.

Stay tuned!


Xiaomi Mi Max 3 to feature Wireless charging & Iris scanner
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