Cheaper iPhone 9 in 2018

Apple disappointed its consumers with the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus released last year but this will change with iPhone 9, when it will be launched in the Q3 of 2018. It will not only feature upgraded specs and hardware but will retail with a cheaper price tag.

Cheaper iPhone 9 in 2018?

It is still a speculation but the internet is flooded with hundreds of similar reports which do force us to at least, think of this to actually happen. In my opinion, a cheaper iPhone 9 should be considered by Apple to counter with the on-going competition from Android manufacturers.

Other than iPhone X, which is the costliest iPhone ever, the two, 8 and 8 Plus disappointed the fans who were looking for an upgrade this year. The two devices hardly had anything new, if we just look at the cosmetic side.

However, the two did possess upgraded SoCs underneath and a glass panel at the back to support the wireless charging. The much-needed water and dust resistance was also added. Still, the consumers felt disappointed as we all end up comparing these two with the more advanced iPhone X.

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In 2018, it is being believed that Apple is planning to change that completely. The iPhone 9 in question here will possess X inspired design, i.e., minimum bezels with a notch on the top of the screen. It will feature the upgraded camera specs too.

All these upgrades with a comparatively cheaper price tags (around $650-750) does sound like a deal to me!

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iPhone 9 will offer better upgrade to consumers looking for cheaper iPhone
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