Cheaper iPhone X 2018

From 5.85-inch to 6.5-inch screen, Apple will launch three iPhone X variants this year, the cheaper one having 5.85″ OLED screen. This is all coming from multiple sources which have delivered good leaks to the rumour mills.

Cheaper iPhone X 2018

While three iPhone X 2018 variants might be THE News for you but my focus is on the entry level variant among the three. Yes, the cheaper iPhone X 2018 which will have 5.85inch screen.

This will be a game changer for the Apple as people will definitely be interested in a cheaper 2018 iPhone X. Initially when the original X was launched, it generated massive sales which later declined as other phones got people’s attention.

As per the leaked reports, the upcoming 5.85-inch iPhone X is going to cost $10 less to manufacture as compared to original X which stood at $400. It clarifies that the upcoming device we’re talking of might be available in below $800 price bracket.

The screen will again have notches in all three models with impressive screen-to-body aspect ratio. Materials involved will be of high-end standard again and the software experience is expected to get even better as more gestures will be introduced along with improving the existing ones.

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If it all happens in real, it will be a game changer for sure.


Next iPhone X variant to be cheaper and to possess 5.85″ OLED screen
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