Samsung patents expandable design but drops foldable phones

Foldable phones are quite close to me because the first phone that I had ever held in my hands was a foldable one! On the other hand, the first smartphone that I ever owned was from Samsung (i.e. Samsung Galaxy Grand). You can very well images foldable smartphones from Samsung is quite a touchy area for me.

In fact, there were rumors of Samsung X, the foldable smartphone of Samsung. The interesting thing about the smartphone was the screen which was continuous throughout the display even at the hinge! Who wouldn’t be longing for such an amazing piece of tech?

However, the latest patent filed by Samsung says otherwise. The display of the phone can be expanded on either side (as you can see above). This expandable phone will also serve the purpose of a tablet. This display pretty much resembles the iPhone 8 screen in iPhone 8 concept videos that had surfaced months before the device was launched.

Samsung patents expandable designs

Here’s a top view of behind the scenes of the screen mechanism.

Samsung patents expandable design

Speaking of the device, a single screen can be used as the phone mode. The extended screens will come with extra settings and can be opened and folded as per the convenience of the user.

There is an unsaid competition amongst the manufacturers on who can make the slimmest smartphone. No wonder the screen size of the premium device is becoming larger day by day. Tucking multiple screens in a phone will definitely add to its width making it not so suitable for daily usage. It will be interesting to see how Samsung tackles this situation while manufacturing the units.

Another interesting patent filed by the company is of a foldout smartphone. This patent is being compared to ZTE Axon M but instead of using two displays like ZTE, Samsung is sticking to only one huge display. In other words, once folded, the phone can comfortably fit into your palm.

Samsung expandable design

The only drawback of a patent is, it only gives the vision of the company and nothing else!

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Samsung patents Expandable Design but drops foldable phones
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