This Android P let's you block calls from unwanted sources
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Android P developer Preview is still not out in the open but here is a piece of news which you can enjoy. In the upcoming Android P version, a lot of carrier-related changes have been heard of!

It is said that the Sony engineers are working on call blocking feature. This feature will have the ability to block calls from unknown numbers, pay phones as well as number not saved in your contact list. They are also working on defining LTE signal bars, hiding the signal strength, adding a national roaming toggle, etc.

As amazing as it sounds, that surely does not mean apps like Truecaller is out of business. We know how only a tiny (almost negligible) fraction of Android phones out there run on the latest version of Android. There would be a majority of users who still run on the older Android versions.

This feature hasn’t been seen in Android P Developer Preview (as mentioned earlier) and should be taken with a pinch of salt. The Developer Preview is a program where the beta versions (of Android’s major updates) are rolled out to people who voluntarily sign up to do so. This eradicates a lot of bugs in the final update which is rolled out to the masses.

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Android 8 Oreo was released a few months back officially. As per the stats released in January, only 0.7percent of devices. There’s still a lot of time left for the new Android version to be launched. But, the Android market is already heating up with the expected features of Android P. [Read More]


This Android P let’s you block calls from unwanted sources
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