Huawei P20 Triple Camera with AI

The much hyped triple camera setup is finally real and we can see it in live designs of the Huawei P20. The important feature is not just the presence of third camera but the underneath AI.

Huawei P20 Triple Camera with AI

As expected, the handset features three cameras on the rear side. They have designed the setup in a less fancier way. Two camera sensors being linked together, like we have seen for like a thousand time, and the third one is kept separately but in the same vertical alignment.

An officially released document confirms the design which you can see in the picture attached above. Huawei has decided to go with “SEE MOOORE WITH AI” tagline.

Noticed the three “o” in more? Yes, it’s for the three camera sensors on the rear.

The camera optics are powered by LEICA as one can notice it’s branding on the rear panel. We have already seen some smartphone cameras with AI feature. It basically senses the environment and notices the objects around for better judgment. We have to wait and see if Huawei have done anything new here.

Huawei P20 Triple Camera launch

On the front, there is already controversial notch. I don’t understand these tech companies doing everything to follow Apple, even if what they did was not that popular move. Luckily, the notch on the front side in¬†Huawei P20 is not that big.

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Whatever Huawei is bringing with P20 smartphone, we are not that far from the launch date. It’s set to release on March 27, 2018.

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Confirmed: Triple Camera featuring Huawei P20 are AI powered
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