[iOS & Android Saga] Who's ready for folding phones and who isn't?
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Folding phones are (almost) here. Folding phones isn’t a new concept, it’s probably one of the oldest concepts in phones. However, with the recent technological developments, the old concept will get a makeover.

Initially, it was only Samsung and their Samsung X. However, from the recent news leaks, it seems that Samsung isn’t in a hurry to make the folding smartphone. Rather, they are moving towards the foldable smartphone.

The first developer preview of Android P officially ended the hopes of Android tablets. In other words, Android did not release the tablet-specific builds with the developer preview of Android P. Apparently, Android’s soft corner for tablets is no longer there.

On the other hand, iPads have quite a reputation as compared to Android tablets. Shifting from Android to Apple ecosystem via Apple is a very common thing via iPads. The software and hardware used in Apple iPads are exceptionally good when compared with Android tablets. Not only are the iPads getting better in terms of performance, but the new range of iPads launched by Apple fall is slowly falling into the affordable price bracket as well.

Apple also released their stylus which works only on the iPad. We already know that apps have been developed exclusively for iPad. Now, these iPad apps work specifically with the stylus. How cool is that!

With all being said, people are guessing that Apple will step into folding iPhones sooner or later. Critics assumed the first iPad to be a gigantic iPhone. We are waiting for the same as folding iPhones from Apple.

If folding iPhone becomes a reality, people can easily access the iPad apps on their phones with the specific stylus.

Apple has always been known to develop next-gen tech that startles everyone. Keeping in mind the workforce they have, it will not come as a huge surprise for most of us if Apple comes up with such a folding iPhone. And if it does, Android will automatically be in a lot of pressure to deliver the same.

You say, who do you think will bring folding smartphones to the table – Apple or Android?


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