Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will come with an upgraded Fingerprint Scanner
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Fingerprint sensor for Samsung has been quite a noisy affair. The under-glass fingerprint scanner has kicked a lot of things out of the picture. For instance, in Galaxy S8, Samsung placed the scanner on the back just beside the camera (read, weird position) making it tough to reach. Later this year in the next-gen Galaxy S9, they placed it below the camera making things slightly better.

While talking about premium devices, there are a bunch of factors (besides pricing) which makes it premium. One such factor is design. Amidst all the fingerprint scanner placement, the back panel of the S-series has landed quite unappealing.

No wonder the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is rumored to come with a smarter and better fingerprint scanner besides their Face ID. The Korean Herald published a report where they mentioned about Note 9 coming with an in-display fingerprint sensor.

Galaxy Note 9 in-display fingerprint scanner

They were informed by their story source that Samsung Display has made three or four prototypes for the aforementioned in-display fingerprint sensor and one of these would actually make it to the Galaxy Note 9.

On the brighter side, the final decision for the display would be taken this month. The delay was solely because of the behind-the-scenes design selection decision process.

A Samsung patent has been unveiled last month which supports the above argument. The patent is for an in-display fingerprint sensor. Here are few snapshots of the patent.

Samsung patent for in-display fingerprint sensor

The patent was actually filled last year in U.S. and Korea with the note – The present disclosure may provide configurations and operations of an electronic device which is capable of performing an optics-based fingerprint detection. In some example embodiments, an interface used to detect a fingerprint may share an area on the electronic device with a display panel. In some example embodiments, the electronic device may include a display panel and an image sensor. The image sensor may be disposed under one surface of the display panel to spatially correspond to a location of a partial area on the display panel.

What does it mean in real?

Things are about to get really exciting with Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Don’t you think?


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