Xiaomi Comet and Sirius Smartphones
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As reported by XDA-Developers, Xiaomi is coming up with two new AI powered smartphones which are currently codenamed, Xiaomi Comet and Xiaomi Sirius. Both these handsets will be powered by Qualcomm’s newly released Snapdragon 700 series SoC.

Xiaomi Comet and Sirius Smartphones

As we updated earlier about the new SoC announced by Qualcomm, AI will be the core feature. Because the two handsets in question here will be using the same chipset, both will be powered by AI.

Snapdragon 710 will be the brand name of SoC underneath, carrying 2 Kyro cores and 6 more cores, making the system a quad-core one.

As per the XDA-developers finding, this Snapdragon 710 is rebranded Snapdragon 670 SoC, added feature only being the AI. One of the two duos will be featuring OLED panel with Always On feature.

There isn’t any other specifications known of these two devices as of now but it won’t be too long to see them making numerous rounds in the rumour mills.

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Xiaomi Comet and Sirius are upcoming AI powered smartphones
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