360 Mobiles N7 listed with Triple Cameras at AnTuTu

Another smartphone has been listed at AnTuTu benchmarking site with triple cameras. The device listed is 360 Mobiles N7 which will offer high-end specs at a low-end price. Interested?

The N7’s total score is 138,962, which is in line with any device running on Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 under the hood. However, this device will be powered by MediaTek Helio P60 chipset instead of Qualcomm. As far as the CPU and GPU listings are concerned, the device scored more than 63K and more than 29K respectively.

A leaked render of 360 Mobiles N7 shows that the device will have a triple camera on the rear side. The camera will be placed one after the other horizontally unlike the usual vertical placements.

The device is rumoredĀ to launch on 8th May in Beijing. Besides Helio P20 chipset, the device will come with 6GB RAM. There are also rumors that the device might appear with Snapdragon 660 as the chipset.

That’s all that’s known about N7 as of now. The pricing estimates are yet to surface. On a funny note, 360 Mobiles sent Frying Pan as anĀ invite for the N7 launch. The frying pan has the date of the device and the tagline engraved on it. From the tagline, it is assumed that 360 Mobiles is testing N7 for gaming capabilities as well.


360 Mobiles N7 listed with Triple Cameras at AnTuTu
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