5 Best LastPass Alternatives to Manage Your Passwords

The app have become an addiction but there are still few best LastPass alternatives one can opt for. We all manage our important profiles and accounts on a daily basis whether it is social or official to secure them we keep different passwords.

It’s advisable to keep a different password for each account and the best tool for the same is via a Password Manager. LastPass is the most famous password manager. In this post, you will learn about the best LastPass alternatives to manage your passwords.

Before hopping into the best LastPass alternatives, let’s get a deeper insight into a password manager.

What’s a Password Manager?

A Password Manager is an online system that is a data storage manager which stock up all your passwords by strengthening its security and reducing associated risk.

Only thing you need to do is keep in mind one password and you unlock all the boxes. This is a master key that helps you get access to all your passwords.

5 Best LastPass Alternatives to Manage Your Passwords

LastPass is one of the best-known password manager users go with as it is loaded with tremendous features which gives a tough competition to other tools in the same category but we know that this market is oligopoly and you have several other rivals which offer different attractive benefits. So why to stick to one, change is good, yeah.

#1 Dashlane

Dashlane - Best LastPass Alternatives to Manage Your Passwords

Dashlane was launched in 2012 and has advanced its UI interface in 2016 since then it took hype in an international market and prominently became one of the best LastPass alternatives because of an easy interface, autofill, and auto login, easy purchases online.

In short, it is quite similar to LastPass and is a simple tool which is easy to operate and has the capability to change hundreds of password from different websites at a time. This manager supports Chrome and Linux operating systems.

It offers you a great benefit i.e. at the time of emergency it maintains important accounts from your contacts. Dashlane can be used in three ways. It offers you a small window on screen to work with and for some actions, you need to open full screen.

One thing that is little suppressing is its cost compared to other rival managers.

Highlights: Digital Wallet, Password Manager, Password changer,  Form Autofill and Password Generator.

Download Dashlane for Android, iOS

#2 KeePassX

KeePassX alternative to lastpass

This is definitely one of the best LastPass alternatives since it works with Windows, Mac and Linus OS. Not only the multi-system supportability, KeePassX is considered as one of the best LastPass alternatives because it’s FREE!

Your passwords are encrypted in a database manager and do not show up anywhere in your system or any machine until you unlock.

KeePass is a portable app and gives you the freedom to carry with you anywhere and drive on any machine. It has its own password generating capability that lets you chose strong and distinctive passwords. You can configure these on multiple systems and can import any file or database with confidential users.

Download KeyPassX for Android, iOS

#3 1Password

1Password - Best LastPass Alternatives to Manage Your Passwords

1Password is also considered as one of the best LastPass alternatives by many for storing and securing passwords, software licenses and other confidential data that is locked with PBKDF2 [protected master password]. It stands out on every platform it is used as it’s a power-packed compact digital tool.

It works well on both Windows and Mac and offers a family plan with 1-time license purchase. When it was launched it was liked immensely by Mac and iPhone users but now with its latest edition, it is acquiring Windows and Android market too by helping in storing passwords safely.

Download 1Password for Android, iOS

#4 Keeper

Keeper - Best LastPass Alternatives to Manage Your Passwords

Keeper acts as a duo, first a tool for protecting and storing passwords as well as a digital wallet – no wonder it made onto our list of best LastPass alternatives. Your passwords, financial statements, private information and other delicate data are safely guarded via this manager via 256-bit AES encryption.

“Legacy” is the best feature extended by Keeper which helps you robotically share medical history, insurance records, tax documents and estate papers etc i.e. all important legal docx. Files will be secured and at a time will remind you of any payment is due or if its renewal date is coming.

It offers best safety features through strong passwords and user interface. One thing which makes Keeper distinct from other managers is its “Keeper Family Plan” which allows the user to share the password and other information between family members.

Download Keeper for Android, iOS

#5 RoboForm

RoboForm - Best LastPass Alternatives to Manage Your Passwords

Roboform was leading the password manager group but slowly it has a downfall and has lost that fame and this is due to its user rating. That doesn’t mean it’s not one of the best LastPass alternatives out there.

Though if compared to many password managers still RoboForm is better to safeguard in terms of protecting and securing passwords and information. For Androids, it is still best as it presents user-friendly interface and poses flawless integration.

Download Roboform for Android, iOS


Password managers that are leading the market. There are many in this race which have pros and cons those mentioned above is selected as per fame, downloads and user ratings. So here’s our list of best LastPass alternatives. If you know (or use) any other LastPass alternatives, share them in comments below.

If you have any queries write us in the section below and we will be glad to solve them.

5 Best LastPass Alternatives to Manage Your Passwords
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