iPhone X next-gen will be the biggest phone made by Apple ever!
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Apple has been increasing the size of their iPhones for the past couple of years. iPhone 8 camera with 4.7-inch, iPhone 8 Plus came with 5.5-inch and iPhone X came with 5.7-inch. The latest rumors on the upcoming iPhone X suggests that the device would come with a gigantic screen.

The iPhone X will come with a screen size of 6.5-inch. Not only is the size huge, the bezels of the device would be less, making the screen appear even bigger. Also, the iPhone X is expected to be bigger slightly thicker than iPhone X i.e. 0.22mm thicker.

The iPhone will also get software updates that would be released with iOS 12. One of the features of iOS 12 is face unlock. The face unlock feature allows a user to unlock their device by simply holding the device in portrait mode in front of them.

Even though the information does not come from an official source, it supports the previous rumors related to the topic. Apple is expected to launch three new devices this year, one of them would be the largest iPhone made by Apple to date.

The new iPhone X would be an upgraded version of the iPhone X launched in 2017. There would also be an option of a cheaper iPhone model with comparatively fewer features and pricing.

One of the best things that I like about Apple was the small screen sized iPhone models. Nowadays, smartphones are used merely as phones and not a medium to watch movies. Having a humongous screen does not keep the device user-friendly to most of the users out there. However, there are my personal thoughts. Do share your views on the same.


iPhone X next-gen will be the biggest phone made by Apple ever!
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