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As the device has already making good talk in the rumour mill, consumers and fan boys are getting excited. Asus ROG Phone will be the fastest smartphone in the current list of Snapdragon 845 SoC equipped flagships.

Why Asus ROG Phone will be fastest?

Well, Asus handpicked the best variants of Snapdragon 845 production, and clocked it to 2.96GHz which is 200MHz faster than normal variant.

asus-rog-phone-snapdragon-845soc benchmarks

A recently leaked benchmark report confirms the same as the device is getting a decent lead, which shows how better it will be for gaming. Asus has even used a special cooling technology inside to keep the chamber cool.

Dedicated heat spreaders are attached to the CPU cores which is connected to a 3D vapor chamber. All these extra efforts will help the device to stay cool under intense demand, helping it stay away from possible explosions.

Why Asus ROG Phone will be fastest

The design leaked so far is looking very gaming-like or I should say, ROG like. Asus’s signature gaming elements can be noticed in the leaked pictures so far. We have to wait for at least, a couple of months to see the actual device in hand.

So, that will also give them more time to make it even better and remove all the possibilities of making an explosive device.


Asus ROG Phone will possess the faster variants of Snapdragon 845 SoC
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