Upcoming Samsung Android Go smartphones to come with AMOLED Display
Image Credits: XDA Developers

Samsung Android Go smartphone has already been leaked. SM-J260G was already sighted at Geekbench. Another device that goes by the model name SM-J260F has been spotted online. A bunch of specifications have been leaked.

Samsung J260F will come with a 5-inch Super AMOLED display. Samsung smartphones are known and loved because of the AMOLED display which they use in a majority of their smartphones. AMOLED displays uses LED (Light Emitting Diode). The ‘AMO’ in AMOLED stands for Active Matrix Organic LED. When put together, it tells us how the LEDs are controlled. Manufacturers can control how each pixel of the LED work and hence control the display performance.

Samsung J206F comes with an 8MP rear shooter and 5MP front shooter. Under the hood is Exynos 7570 processor with four Cortex A-53 cores ticking at 1.3GHz speed. It will run on android 8.0 Oreo Android One and will come with 1GB RAM.

At Geekbench testing, the single core gave a result of 625 while the multi-core gave a result of 1747.

Android One smartphones are entry-level smartphones with low RAM. They come with an optimised Android Oreo OS which makes the device run smoothly even with 1GB RAM only.

About Android Go: Android Go is a tailored distribution for low-end devices was revealed for Android Oreo; it is intended for devices with 1GB RAM or less. This mode has platform optimizations designed to reduce mobile data usage (including enabling Data saver mode by default) and a special suit of Google Mobile Services designed to be less resources and bandwidth intensive. [According to Wikipedia]


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