Samsung gets approval for bezel-less display patent
Image Credit: The Verge

Samsung has achieved something which companies like Apple and Huawei haven’t but Vivo and Oppo have. According to a new patent, Samsung will soon start delivering almost 100% bezel-less display to their products – TVs, smartphones, etc.

Samsung had filed for an almost bezel-less design on 24th August 2017 which got approved by World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO) on 21st June 2018. This design will help replace any damaged chassis as well as customize every phone out there.

The filed patent shows that the bezel-less display is surrounded by four metallic strips which can be attached via magnets. The strips can be made up of metal, aluminum or patterned wood. There is a U-shaped coupling structure which will provide extra strength besides customization and damage control (as mentioned above).

The image of the alleged premium Samsung Galaxy S10 has already been leaked with an almost bezel-less display with the Volume and Bixby buttons placed on the left side and power button on the right. The leaked image also reveals the absence of front camera or sensors.

A bezel-less Samsung device sounds exciting. Right?


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