Vivo V10 - Expectations, Rumours & Everything
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Vivo V9 has just been released and the market is already heating up with Vivo V10 upcoming mobile rumors related to its specifications, USPs, etc.

The USP of Vivo V10 will be it’s under the display fingerprint sensor. This leaked update has definitely helped the device grab a spotlight.

Vivo V10 Specifications (Rumours)

Let’s talk about the alleged specs of the device with the USP i.e. under display fingerprint sensor. The under glass fingerprint sensor works in the following fashion:

  • Piezoelectric effects are used to produce and receive ultrasonic signals from the display.
  • These signals pass through the OLED display of the device.
  • It produces different reflection strengths at fingerprint ridges and fingerprint valleys.
  • A fingerprint image is generated, hence generating fingerprint identification spot under the display.

This not only increases the screen-to-body ratio of Vivo V10 but also helps in achieving a bezel-less display.

To top it off, this under glass display will also be dustproof and waterproof, just like some of the other fingerprint sensors out there! This also points to another fact that Vivo V10 waterproof will be a reality.

Vivo V10 Top Features

It will be wrong to say that the only top feature of the device is under display fingerprint sensor. Let’s check out the other features. Vivo V10 is expected to come with a massive 6.3-inch (or more) display with IPS LCD display just like it’s predecessor.

Vivo V10 with Price in India

Under the hood will be a Qualcomm Snapdragon 626 processor coupled with (at least) 4GB RAM and 64GB internal storage.

Vivo V10 with 6GB RAM would be quite a lucrative device for smartphone enthusiasts where we can be assured that our device won’t lag no matter how many apps we use at the same time.

In the wireless communication section, Vivo V10 will have Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, A-GPS, microUSB 2.0 and Radio. The Vivo V10 otg support will also be there because using otg in phones is a very common thing that most of us do.

Vivo V10 like iPhone X

There are many companies who copy the look of an iPhone and give it to their customers for a much lesser price as compared to traditional iPhone. The most talked about iPhone in today’s time is iPhone X.

Vivo V10 Specifications

Many Chinese (and other) companies are coming up with smartphones that look iPhone X. The leaks about Vivo V10 so far seems to point to the fact that Vivo V10, like iPhone X, will come with an unwanted notch.

Will Vivo V10 support 5G?

The Vivo V9 came with 4G support. There may be a chance that Vivo V10 might support 5G. Please do!

The telecom companies will roll out 5G in India sometime by end of second quarter of beginning or third quarter. Since Vivo V10 will be launched much later, you can expect that the device might come with 5G support.

Speaking of 5G, how many of you are using 4G VoLTE/LTE in your device?

Vivo V10 Camera Features

Vivo V10 camera details require special attention. There will undoubtedly be a dual rear camera for taking powerful portraits and an equally powerful front camera which has been the forte of Vivo phones.

Vivo V10 Wireless Charging & Battery

Wireless charging is the future. People are doing away with the wires. No wonder power banks have become so popular over the past few years. The previous V-series phone did not sport a wireless charging functionality.

However, if Vivo V10 camera with wireless charge support, the device would sell like a hot cake. The Vivo V10 might also be powered by a non-removable battery of ~3500mAh or more.

Vivo V10 Variants

Gone are the days when a smartphone launched was a sole piece. They usually come with their siblings.

Vivo V10 Launch

Likewise, this smartphone will also come with Vivo V10 pro and Vivo V10 plus. Do take this with a pinch of salt as this info is just a mere rumor and not from any official source.

Vivo V10 with Price in India

The device is expected to be priced at Rs. 25,000. The previous model was launched at a couple of thousands below. At this affordable price range, the smartphone will definitely get lots of eyeballs and buyers.

When Vivo V10 launch in India?

When Vivo V10 launch in India is not known, but it will hit the Indian market sometime in first quarter of 2019. The previous V-series phone from Vivo had hit the markets at the same time this year. The Vivo V10 sale will go live sometime in second quarter in 2019.

You can also expect the launch of Vivo V10 with Jio offer. It’s not very unusual because Jio is not only teaming up with new smartphone launch for premium as well as the budget phone but also giving offers for buying old phones.

About Vivo: Vivo Communication Technology Co is a Chinese technology company owned by BBK Electronics that makes smartphones, smartphone accessories, software, and online services. It was founded in 2009 in Dongguan, China. The company develops software for their phones such as Vivo App Store, iManager included in their proprietary Android-based operating system called Funtouch OS.

Vivo V10 Launch – Expectations & Everything We Know so far
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