Android Oreo is now running on 12.1% of Android devices
Image Credit: CNET

Android Oreo first developer preview was made public in March 2017. The first developer preview was followed up by a bunch of other developer previews. Android Oreo was officially launched on 21st August 2017.

Android smartphones do not have a very good reputation for rolling out updates on time. However, things have slightly become better and today a whopping 12.1% of the active Android devices run on Android 8 Oreo. This percentage includes devices running on Android 8, Android 8.1 and Android 8.2 respectively.

The old devices may or may not get the updates right on time, but the increase in smartphone launch with the latest Android versions is definitely one of the contributing factors for this number. According to market reports, the number of devices running on Android Oreo has doubled in the last two month. However, Android 7 Nougat still leads the race when compared to the former.

Android 7 Nougat occupies as much as 30.8% of active Android devices as compared to 12.1% in Android 8 Oreo. To make things more specific, Android 7.0 Oreo occupies 21.1% whereas Android 7.1 occupies 9.6%.

Here are some of the top features on Android Oreo – notification grouping, picture0in-picture for videos, battery and performance optimization, Bluetooth 5 support, support for autofillers, system level integration with VoIP apps, WiFi Aware and many more such features.

As we talk about devices running on Android Oreo, it’s almost time for Android 9 P. It’s rumored that Android P would stand for Android Pistachios. What do you think?


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