Android P final beta version released
Image Credit: XDA Developers

Google launched the final developer preview of Android P. This means that the final Android P official version will be out for consumers soon. Android Oreo was launched last year on 21st August, it’s about time we gear up for the next one!

The last Android developer preview of Android P was beta 4 (developer preview 5). Dave Burke, Android VP said that this update brings in the Google’s new gesture-based navigation.

Here are some of the top Android P features you’ll get to see in your phone-

  • Adaptive Battery: Adaptive battery learns the user’s app activity and adjusts battery usage while the inactive apps get no battery juice unless opened.
  • Screenshot Tool: A tool accompanying a screenshot lets you edit as well as delete a screenshot once clicked.
  • Navigation: The capacitive Android button will be replaced by a pill-shaped button.
  • Image Preview: Besides text, now you can even watch an image preview from your notification bar. However, this feature will not be compatible with all devices.
  • Text Selection Magnification: As simple as it sounds, when you select a text, a small box will pop up showing a magnified version of the text.
  • Orientation: Screen rotation can now be controlled with a toggle button present on the top right corner of the screen. Tap it to switch between portrait and horizontal modes.
  • Audio Control: Audio control made easy with the upcoming Android P. Now you can control the volume with the respective volume button.
  • App Tray: Switching between apps will be much easier because of the horizontal placement of apps. Moreover, the pill at the bottom of the display will make switching between apps even more easier.

Which feature are you specifically looking for?

The fun part of the major Android updates has always been their naming conventions. While many are vouching for Android Pistachio, others are voting for Android Pie. Which team are you in?


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