MediaTek 5G Modem in iPhone
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If you think Apple will continue it’s deal for modems with Qualcomm and Intel then here is a fresh news for you. MediaTek is coming close to make partner with Apple for supplying 5G Modem for next generation iPhone models.

MediaTek 5G Modem in iPhone?

It’s not yet done but the chances are there for the third popular smartphone chipset manufacturer company. MediaTek have been around the smartphone chipset market for quite a long time and if they are able to secure a deal with Apple, their market share and revenue, both will boost up.

The company is already close to of closing a deal with Apple for supplying Wi-Fi chips for the Apple’s HomePod.

5GBPS speed on iPhone!

If it all happens, we can expect future iPhones to deliver the data speed of 5GBPS, which is what everyone is expecting from the 5G data packs. The Helio M70 chipset carrying the 5G Modem was unveiled by MediaTek last month.

The Helio M70 will be manufactured using the 7nm process at TSMC facilities and it will take at least 6-12 months before the modems are available for consumer market.

Now, if MediaTek manages to partner with Apple, the iPhone maker has to do away with either Intel or Qualcomm. Which one do you think it will be?


Apple might sign in with MediaTek to put 5G Modem in next-gen iPhones
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