Samsung Galaxy Note 9 price leaked before launch
Image Credit: YouTube

A leaked pre-order poster has revealed the pricing of the much awaited Samsung Galaxy Note 9. The leaked poster mentions two variants of the device – 128GB variant and 512GB variant.

The 128GB variant will be priced at 13,500,000 Indonesian Rupiahs, which roughly converts to Rs. 64,282 while the 512GB variant will be priced at 17,500,000, which roughly converts to Rs. 83,329.

These are merely rough estimates because the pricing for every market is not merely the exact conversion. You can consider this pricing as the starting price for these devices. However, there will still be quite a difference for each market in terms of pricing.

For Indonesian customer, they might receive 32-inch and 40-inch Samsung Smart TV based on the model they pre-order. Samsung always includes pre-order goodies for customers. However, it’s unclear what goodies the European and US customers will get this time.

The price tag is contradictory to what we have seen elsewhere. It will be quite different when it comes to India. Let’s wait for the official launch on 9th August.

What are you expecting from the Galaxy Note 9? Let us know in the comments below.


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