Samsung Galaxy Note 9S pen to come with music playback control
Image Credit: The Verge

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 S Pen has been on and off the news in the past couple of weeks. The rumours around the device have gone as far as to say that the 9 S Pen will receive a notable update for Samsung’s upcoming premium smartphones.

The upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 9 S Pen will reportedly be a portable Bluetooth controller. The pen is also expected to come with long-range remote self-timer and control music playback.

The pen was highlighted in Note 9’s teaser video, thereby clearly stating that the pen would be launched alongside Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

The news has been leaked by Ice Universe which is a China-based source who leaks a bunch of stuff on social media platforms. Ice Universe had also posted a similar claim earlier where they mentioned about the S Pen coming with Bluetooth support. The device was rumoured to have a feature that is usually not expected from a stylus. The speculations back then expected this feature to be related to gameplay.

Note: Samsung has not said anything about the pen so far. Make sure you take the news above with a hint of salt.


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