Apple files new patent for multiuser support for Siri
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Apple Insider revealed that a new patent has been filed by Apple. According to the patent, you might get to see multi-user support for Siri sometime in future.

The patent talks about the different ways in which Siri can distinguish one user from the other. One of the ways of doing so is by matching user’s speech with preregistered profiles. Not much is said about how Apple will be doing this. However, voice print and biometric information has been specifically┬ámentioned in the patent.

Siri for multi-user would come as a blessing to many of us. We often share our devices with our family members or kids; distinguishing one user from the other will help us in terms of convenience as well as privacy. The answers prompted would be much relevant to a specific profile based on previous searches and recommendations.

The patent also suggests that the multi-user Siri will create a library for each and every user; thus storing their searches and other relevant information to give suitable answers when asked. Besides voice commands, Siri will also take note from the apps used by the user and any other info it deems necessary.

Another important criteria fulfilled by this patent is privacy. For personal devices as well as home devices, you can be assured that your text will not be read out loud by Siri in front of anyone else without the authorization of the actual owner. Isn’t that cool?

However, don’t get your hopes too high and expect the update anytime soon. The patent only means Apple is planning to do something like that and not working on it per say. However, a feature like such will be great whenever rolled out.

What do you think about multi-user Siri? are you already waiting for it like me?


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