foldable smartphones to use panels made by LG

Foldable smartphones have resurfaced the news for a couple of years now. 2018 was supposed to be the year of foldable smartphones with Samsung’s Galaxy X lineup. However, things got delayed and we are yet to see the first specimen yet. The latest news on the same says that Samsung’s foldable lineup will be known as the Galaxy F series.

Besides Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi and Oppo are also on the list of foldable smartphones. Samsung will be using their own homegrown¬†panels while Huawei might settle down with China’s BOE. As for Xiaomi and Oppo, they are yet to decide between BOE, Visionox and LG Display.

A report from Korea brings out a couple of facts on this matter. Besides LG, Koreans are also in the business. The Koreans are working in collaboration with global device manufacturers to make the foldable smartphone displays. The panel inside MAte RS is allegedly an OLED display from the house of LG.

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According to a Chinese leakster, Samsung’s upcoming foldable phone lineup will be named Galaxy F series instead of the Galaxy X series. Besides revealing the name of the series, the leaker also suggested the series would be a high-end device.


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