Samsung will launch new smartphones in mid-price segment
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Samsung has revealed some interesting plans for the upcoming months in India. The reveal has been done by senior members of the company both at national and international levels.

Samsung has dominated the market in the first half of 2018 with almost half of the market share. Samsung was followed by OnePlus with nearly half as much share of 25% and Apple at 22%. In other words, one in every two premium smartphones shipped in this year is from the house of Samsung.

DJ Koh, President and CEO of IT and Mobile Communications Division at Samsung Electronics said,”Since February this year, I have changed my strategy for the Indian market as the competition got tough and terrain harsh. We dominated in some areas while struggle in some during the course.”

He further added,”I’m building a complete a complete ecosystem of smart devices for the millennials in India. We are not concerned about the sales numbers but focus on creating a trust bond with our customers and partners in the country where we are leader for years.”

During the launch of their latest flagship device (i.e. Samsung Galaxy Note 9) he said, “You will now see devices coming from us in the mid-segment space with flagship features and functionalities that will delight our customers in India.”

Asim Warsi, Senior VP, Mobile Business, Samsung India said, “Unlike others, Samsung is a full-range player and offers a complete range of devices.We have more to offer across the segment than any other vendor. This momentum will continue for the Indian market for the rest of the year.”

He also added,”Our philosophy of keeping our ears to the ground and incorporating consumer feedback into our products paid off.”


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