While we wait for September 12, the day when Apple showcases their next successors to the current iPhone lineup, Microsoft has announced a Surface launch event for October 2, 2018.

Microsoft Surface 2018 Launch

The Surface 2018 launch event is arranged in NYC City on October 2, 2018 beginning from 4PM sharp as per the local time.

As there is no smartphone in the Microsoft arsenal, the best we can expect is the upgrades to the Surface lineup. Microsoft Surface Laptop 2018 and Surface Studio 2018 are likely to receive performance upgrades. But this isn’t going to be the showstopper.

Microsoft Surface Hub 2 is going to take the prime position. The first generation product was well received by the consumers and now the brand will offer an upgraded version of the same.

If you’re new to this Hub story, here is a promotion video you can watch and learn more.

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Microsoft to hold Surface launch event on October 2, what to expect?
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