About Us

by Pawan Kumar

iGadgetWoman was founded in 2015 by a tech enthusiast lady and since then it has emerged as an online news media publication with an aim of covering the latest technology trends and updates. We regularly publish tech news, stories, rumours, reviews, and editorials.

We have kept our editorial standards up to the mark of the industry and have been publishing only the genuine news and stories with our readers. Debshikha started it alone but now it is managed by a bunch of tech enthusiast writers.

PR Media Enquiry

Our team use, test, and review all the latest smartphones, gadgets, and software & services on a regular basis. Product promotion and giveaways can also be arranged on demand. Prospective Advertisers are welcome to contact us. Terms can be discussed further over email. Prospective PR managers or advertisers can connect with us at hello@igadgetwoman.com

All product names, logos, copyrights, and trademarks mentioned are acknowledged as the registered intellectual property of their respective owners.

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